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The main priority of the Property Committee is to guide the congregation in its stewardship of the properties and the use of property for mission and service to the wider community.

In this role the committee views itself as the servant of the Church Council. The committee acknowledges that we are blessed by the saints of our church in Brunswick with our heritage of great properties. Over the years a lot of people have devoted considerable time, thought and energy into care and maintenance of the various properties.

The committee cares for the spaces where mission takes place, for example, the Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre and Student Houses.

The committee is also responsible for the care of properties which provide revenue.

With so many properties to maintain there is a seemingly endless list of jobs to do and the committee maintains a 'can do' attitude to these jobs. Issues are discussed by email where possible and procrastination is not allowed.

We have spaces available for use by church and community groups and the general public. If you would like to make a booking contact out Bookings Officer link Ruth Millard (0428 533 102).

The main redevelopment page is found here.