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Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Committee meets monthly to talk about issues concerning the pastoral care of our congregation. The committee sees pastoral care as a way of keeping people in touch with the worshipping community: those who attend worship regularly and those who are unable to be with us on Sundays.

Through the pastoral care programs the committee provides a safety net for people who may be on the edge of the community or likely to slip through the more informal ways we have of relating to each other.

The committees wants to raise awareness amongst us all that pastoral care is everyone's responsibility.

The committee seeks to provide opportunities for the congregation to focus on our relationship with Christ and the way in which that impacts on our relationships with each other.

The committee is responsible for:

Pastoral Care Review
Over the past 6 months the Pastoral Care Committee has been working on a review of our Pastoral Care ministry and structures. This has included a series of seminars and planning sessions facilitated by Alan Niven, the professor of Pastoral Theology at Stirling College. The outcome of this process is spelt out in a report which has been circulated electronically to our email list and is available here

The report offers a renewed vision for Pastoral Care at BUC with three emphases: hospitality, compassion, and community.