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Committee Roles

Level 4 - Contents

Church Council
        Minister of the Word
        Children & Youth Consultant (C&Y)
        Community Outreach Worker (JAM) - to be updated
        Congregational Chairperson
        Congregational Secretary

1. Worship Committee
        Music Ministry (Worship)
2. Pastoral Care Committee
        Pastoral Care Networkers (Pastoral Care)
        Camp Planning Committee (Pastoral Care)
3. Children & Youth Committee
        Programs & Activites
        Student House Program (C&Y) - to be updated
4. Justice & Mission Committee
        Olive Way (JAM) - to be updated
        Fundraising Working Group (JAM)
5. Discipleship & Education Committee

6. Communications Team
7. Property Committee
        Bookings Officer (Property)
8. Finance Committee
9. Providing Support
10. Wider Church Contacts

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